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NoiseHub gives you the power to travel back in time, speak your mind,
and be yourself, all through the power of music. The songs in your library
can carry powerful meaning, so why not share it? NoiseHub is a social
network for music. Music is an important role in everyone’s life, it’s the purest
form of expression. NoiseHub allows to choose any song from your music
library and you choose a twenty second portion that you want to share with
your friends. You add a caption to the song portion that you chose, and then
goes to your follower’s feed.
NoiseHub is a unique connection unlike any other form of social media. Try it out!

NoiseHub Features


Feed - is where all of the magic takes place. Your posts along
with your follower’s will appear here. Tap on a post to start playing
the twenty second clip. The song’s detail appears all in one place,
ready for you to connect with it.

Posting - is where you select your song, and tell the world about
why you connect, feel, or just simply like the song. The main reason we
created posts the way we did, is so that you can MAKE SOME NOISE!

NoiseHub Beta

NoiseHub is currently in Beta, and we want to ensure that we make Noisehub
the best it can be. If you want to experince NoiseHub before we launch, sign
up for the beta! Any feedback is great to have, so please tell us what you think.
Please enter your Apple ID email address below to sign up for the beta.

Thank you!